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Happy New Year from Mathnasium!

Jan 1, 2015

    From all of us at Mathnasium, we'd like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year! Of course we couldn't ring in the New Year without a fun math problem. Can you solve our New Year's card? Check out the answer below!     M...

Thanksgiving Problem Set

Nov 25, 2014

Want to test your math skills and get into the Thanksgiving spirit? Try our Thanksgiving word problems! Lower Elementary: Question: At a Thanksgiving dinner, 6 relatives are visiting from Nevada, 7 relatives are visiting from California, and...

Merry Christmas from Mathnasium!

Dec 25, 2014

  We wish a very Merry Christmas to all who are celebrating! Have a wonderful day with family and friends! If you're looking for some fun holiday math activities to do with your family today, check out this post for some fun ideas!

December 2014 / January 2015 Newsflash: Math Muscle Challenge

Dec 12, 2014

  Grades 1 – 5: Jim is 6 inches taller than Bill. If Bill is 4 feet 7 inches tall, how tall is Jim? Grades 6 and up: Three equally priced pens cost $4.50 altogether. If the cost per pen is increased by $0.50, how much will 5 pens cost at the...

Make Math Practical this Holiday Season!

Dec 4, 2014

The holidays are the perfect time to make math practical at home with your family! There are recipes to be made—where those fractions come in handy, gifts to be bought—where mental math and budgeting are your best friends, and gifts to be wrapped—...

Mental Math Tricks in Action: Multiplying Numbers Between 90-99

Dec 3, 2014

At Mathnasium we constantly stress the importance of mental math and numerical fluency to our students and parents. Not only is it incredibly useful to be able to do mental math on the spot, it's cool too!  Need proof? Just check out this video...

Friday Fun: Number Nonsense - Perfect Numbers

Jan 30, 2015

Happy Friday! In this week's Number NonSense cartoon, we explore perfect numbers. 

Friday Fun: Number NonSense - Fractions & Cake

Jan 9, 2015

Make sure you have a strong handle on fractions so you can always get the biggest slice of cake! 

Math Heroes: Einstein's Miracle Year

Jan 21, 2015

    Now here's an inspiring Math Hero story from TEDEd! Albert Einstein was considered a "failed" academic before he developed theories that radically changed our understanding of the universe. Check out this video on Einstein's "Miracle ...

Number NonSense: The Möbius Strip

Jan 23, 2015

Happy Friday! In this week's Number NonSense cartoon, we explore the Möbius Strip, discovered by August Möbius in the mid-1800's. Find out how to make your own Möbius Strip!

Mathnasium Gives Thanks at Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 2014

It's that time of year when we reflect upon all that we're thankful for, and at Mathnasium we have a lot on our list! Here are just a few things we're thankful for this holiday season. 1. Our Students   We get so much joy from seeing ...

Math in Everyday Life: Banking

Mar 31, 2015

      Mathematics affects the financial decisions that we make every day.  From paying our bills to using coupons at the grocery store, math is a part of our everyday lives.  Number sense and a facility with mathematical concepts is especially ...

Super Bowl Problem Set

Jan 28, 2015

NFL Super Bowl XLIX is coming up this Sunday, so it’s time to warm up with some football themed math problems!   Lower Elementary: Question: Kelsey bought a pack of 92 foam fingers to root for the New England Patriots. She passed out half...

DIY TriMathlon: Rubik's Cube Challenge

Nov 14, 2014

Were you unable to attend our recent 4th Annual TriMathlon? Do you still want to join in the TriMathlon challenge fun? Today we'll share with you how you can create a fun and challenging DIY TriMathlon event to test your child's math skills!   ...

DIY TriMathlon: Smarties Magic Squares

Jan 7, 2015

  Were you unable to attend our 4th Annual TriMathlon? Do you still want your child to join in the TriMathlon challenge fun? Today we'll share another fun and challenging TriMathlon exercise, Magic Squares, from one of our sponsors, Smarties. ...

TriMathlon 2014 Winner's Circle

Nov 5, 2014

Our 4th annual TriMathlon has officially come to a close. We had a fantastic Tie-Breaker event on October 24th and 25th, with 62 Round One winners competing in a top secret final challenge across 43 different Mathnasium centers to determine who wo...

Newton and the Apple

Mar 31, 2015

Just imagine this scenario- You are relaxing on a spring day enjoying nature and the environment around. All of a sudden you encounter a simple act that provides insight for you to create a universal law that will alter how mankind perceives the u...

Math on the Field: Soccer

Mar 31, 2015

Soccer, or Futbol as most enthusiasts call it, takes the crown as the most played and watched sport across the globe. But is soccer just a sport of running and kicking? Is there any strategy to it at all? Soccer requires excellent knowledge, skill...

Fun Math Costumes for Halloween

Oct 26, 2014

Halloween is almost here! Are you looking for some costume inspiration this year? Look no further — we've rounded up some of our favorite math-related costumes!    Pumpkin Pi   It's the time of year when we add pumpkin to everything - ...

Mathnasium's 4th Annual TriMathlon Recap

Oct 23, 2014

This past weekend at Mathnasium Learning Centers around the country, elementary school students showed off their math skills and won money for their local schools by competing in our 4th annual TriMathlon.     A free, fun-filled eve...

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