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Back to School Refresher

Aug 15, 2013

Did you know your student could lose anywhere from two to two and a half months worth of math knowledge over the summer months? By enrolling your student at Mathnasium now, they can move ahead in their class and continue to learn new things.Refres...

Back to Basics: The Essence of the Mathnasium Difference

Jul 17, 2013

Principles of Math can come across confusing to students, especially when they are bombarded with multiple rules and confusing practices. Mathnasium focuses on introducing new subject matter with a consistent and knowable approach, allowing studen...

The Whole Equals the Sum of its Parts

Jun 26, 2013

Word problems can be tough even for the math-minded. The challenge lies in correctly converting words to the numbers and symbols of an equation. One method that helps is the concept that "the whole is equal to the sum of its parts." Start with the...

18,000 Students looking forward to a Summer of Algebra, Angles, and Arithmetic

Jun 7, 2013

For most kids, summertime means swimming, sports and sun. But for 18,000 students around the country, the summer months will also be filled with algebra, angles, and arithmetic.Yes, math.Mathnasium is anticipating its largest summer enrollment eve...

Making Math Make Sense

May 31, 2013

Utilizing the Mathnasium Method, our franchisees and tutors take pride in teaching our students with a different approach, one that makes sense to them.

The Truth about Parallel Lines

May 23, 2013

Parallel lines are lines that are on the same plane and never intersect.  The distance between the two lines remain the same and do not change, no matter the length of each line.

Numbers add up for Hooksett Mathnasium franchise owner

May 13, 2013

Math is sometimes seen as a subject students either love or hate, something they simply get or don't get.Not necessarily so, says Mathnasium, which brought its franchise and its motto, "children don't hate math," to Hooksett earlier this year."A l...

The Importance of Telling Time in a Digital Age

May 6, 2013

Most students today grow up with tablets, cell phones, and laptops at their fingertips. These tools can aid learning, but they can also encourage laziness. With the Mathnasium Method, students are taught to use their brains, not their iPads. I'll ...

Study: MRI Scans Can Predict Outcome of Math Tutoring

May 3, 2013

Stanford, Calif. - When it comes to math, MRIs may be better than IQs - and even past math scores - at showing whether a tutor can help a child master everything from trapezoids to trigonometry.A new study from the Stanford University School of Me...

Daily Math Laugh

Apr 29, 2013

Pi does have the tendency to exaggerate, to the one millionth digit.

Mathnasium: Where kids go to work out their brains

Apr 22, 2013

Math joke! There are three types of people in the world -- those who can count and those who can't.Perry Lalliss, Mathnasium director and owner, is out to change the misplaced perception that there is a "can" and "can't.""We want people to really ...

Earth Day Celebrations

Apr 16, 2013

Being green is more than a trend.  Keep your student educated and aware of the environment around them by celebrating Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd.  This paper craft is a simple print-out with no tape or glue needed!    

The reviews are in - Math speaks volumes!

Apr 10, 2013

Everyday we strive to reach students through the Mathnasium Method from our very own Larry Martinek.  When our students excitedly show us their great grade, add their test to the Brag Board, or even get an answer correct during practice, it makes ...

When life gives you lemons...learn Math!

Apr 3, 2013

With Spring underway and Summer around the corner, we're already planning ways to keep your student sharp throughout the school break.  Encourage your students to utilize skills they mastered during the Summer months.  Set up a lemonade stand with...

Monday Math Equation

Apr 1, 2013

Mondays are inevitable, let us help you forget it's Monday with our Pinterest page! For a little while at least...

Larry and the Importance of Higher Education

Mar 15, 2013

Learning Objectives: PSAT Math Success Most high school kids take the PSAT. Scoring high on it is both an indicator of good SAT performance and an opportunity to earn a National Merit Scholarship. It pays to treat the PSAT seriously. It just so ha...

Harlem Shake: Mathnasium Style

Mar 13, 2013

It was only a matter of time before we joined in on the fun, check it out below! 

Pi Day Recipes

Mar 6, 2013

Pi Day or March 14th is just around the corner and we're celebrating in a mathematically, delicious way.  We found 18 different pie recipes for you and your student to celebrate!

Mathnasium 'Mompreneur' makes learning Math easy!

Mar 1, 2013

Mompreneur, Krista Kamenski Adams, 43, of South Charlotte, began Mathnasium in Charlotte in September of 2006. Krista tutors math to students of all ages and helps prepare them for the EOGs. Keep reading to see if your child can benefit from Mathn...

Is your child being left behind in Math?

Feb 27, 2013

When students can do these questions (at their grade level and below), mentally - without using pencil and paper - they are likely doing well. For students who can't handle these questions, this is a warning sign. Very often they need help outside...

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