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News from Mathnasium of Radlett

Problems of the Week 6th August

Aug 6, 2017

Beat that boring Sunday afternoon feeling by having your kids have a go at our board game themed #problemsoftheweek!

Years 1 and 2: There is one blue hippo, one yellow hippo, one pink hippo and one green hippo in a Hungry Hippos game. How many hippos are there altogether?

Years 3 and 4: There are six continents on a Risk game board. If there are 12 troops in North America, 16 troops in South America, 18 troops in Europe, 22 troops in Asia, 24 troops in Africa, and 100 troops on the board in total, then how many troops are in Australia?

Years 5 and 6: Each side of a Monopoly board has 11 spaces from one corner to the next. How many spaces are there around the whole board?

Years 7-9: In each set of Scrabble tiles, there are 42 vowels, 58 consonants, and 2 blanks. Nine of the tiles are A tiles. What fractional part of the tiles are not A tiles?

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