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News from Mathnasium of Radlett

Problems of the Week 31st July

Jul 31, 2017

See if your kids can answer our robot themed #problemsoftheweek:
Years 1 and 2: Becky has 7 robots, Dan has 3. How many robots do they have altogether?
Years 3 and 4: One robot can lift and carry 900 pounds. A second robot can lift and carry 1,800 pounds. If the robots work together, can they lift a rock that weighs 2,500 pounds?
Years 5 and 6: A juice powered robot has a box-shaped juice tank that is 10cm wide, 20cm long, and 30cm high. If the tank already has 600 cubic centimetres of juice in it, how much more juice can the robot hold?
Years 7-9: There are three different types of robot batteries. A blue battery lasts as long as three green batteries. Two green batteries last as long as five yellow batteries. How many yellow batteries last as long as a blue battery?
Have a go if you think you're metal enough!