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News from Mathnasium of Radlett

Problems of the Week 28th August

Aug 29, 2017

Get your little one's brain back into the swing of things after the long weekend with our #problemsoftheweek:
Years 1 and 2: On a BBQ there are 5 sausages. There are twice as many burgers. How many things are there to eat altogether?
Years 3 and 4: Jack decides to paint the walls in his bedroom with colorful stripes. The first stripe in the pattern is red, then orange, then yellow, then orange, then red, then orange, then yellow, then orange, and so on. If the pattern continues, what color will the 30th stripe be?
Years 5 and 6: Nora makes 90 homemade crayons. A small box can hold 8 crayons, and a large box can hold 24 crayons. If she fills 4 small boxes with crayons, how many large boxes will she need for the rest of the crayons?
Years 7-9: Micah sculpts two statues, one of a dog and one of a cat. The real-life dog weighs 20 pounds, and its statue weighs 48 pounds. The real-life cat weighs 15 pounds. If the statues are both proportional to the animals in weight, then how much does the cat’s statue weigh?