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News from Mathnasium of Radlett

Problems of the Week 24th July

Jul 24, 2017

Keep your kids occupied on this rainy day and see if they can answer our #problemsoftheweek:

Year 1-2: Laura and Harry are playing with their fidget spinners. Laura's fidget spinner has 5 arms, and Harry's has 3. How many arms do their fidget spinners have altogether?

Years 3-4: John has 8 20p coins. He buys a bottle of fizzy drink and gets 5 10ps in change. How much does the fizzy drink cost?

Years 5-6: Mila has 3/4 of a pound of caramels. Nora has 0.2 pounds of caramels. How much do their caramels weigh altogether?

Years 7-9: Lucas has an average score of 40 points on his five history quizzes. He scored 35, 44, 41 and 38 on the first four quizzes. How many points did he score on his last quiz?