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News from Mathnasium of Radlett

Problems of the Week 21st August

Aug 21, 2017

It's August and it should be sunny. Brighten up your day by popping in to see us at Mathnasium, or have a go at our #problemsoftheweek:

Years 1 and 2: Eric gets £2 pocket money every week. Austin gets £5 every fortnight. Who gets more pocket money every 4 weeks?

Years 3 and 4: Peter’s birthday is 3rd January, 1996. Hannah’s birthday is 30th October, 2008. How old will each of them be on 25th August, 2017?

Years 5 and 6: Grace has 1,000 points saved up on an app. She can trade 200 for a £10 gift card. If Grace wants to use her points to get enough gift cards to buy a pair of boots that cost £75, how many more points does she need?

Years 7-9: Isaac can read 50 pages in an hour. Wyatt can read 90 pages in an hour and a half. How much faster can Wyatt read a 300 page book than Isaac?