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News from Mathnasium of Radlett

Problems of the Week 15th October

Oct 15, 2017

Get your kids ready for the week ahead with our #problemsoftheweek:
Years 1 and 2: Zoe has 3 chocolates. Katie has 10 more. How many chocolates does Katie have?
Years 3 and 4: What time is it if the minute hand of a clock is pointed at the second small mark past the 2, the hour hand is pointed between the 5 and 6, and it is the afternoon?
Years 5 and 6: What number is exactly between one-seventh and two-sevenths?
Years 7-9: On a map, an inch represents a quarter of a mile. How many miles apart are a bank and a supermarket in real life if they are 21/2 inches apart on the map?