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Our Team

Our specially trained maths instructors will teach your child how to understand maths in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps children thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Mandeep Mangat, Centre Director 

Mandeep is the Centre Director at Mathnasium of Wimbledon. Prior to opening her Mathnasium centre, Mandeep worked for over 15 years in the Finance industry.  A qualified Chartered Accountant having trained with KPMG, her career later spanned commercial banking and real estate investment; specialising in the underwriting and execution of real estate acquisitions and the negotiation of debt finance for a global real estate investment company.  She also holds a joint BSc in Computer and Management Sciences from the University of Warwick. 

Maths is at the heart of everything we do, and applicable to every facet of life.  Mandeep is passionate about empowering children and improving their future through maths, by helping every child in the community to truly understand maths by teaching it in the way that makes sense to them.  She realises that every child’s journey will be unique and that’s why the Mathnasium Method works so well, because we start wherever they are and help them achieve their full potential.

Mandeep considers herself a foodie and loves to experiment with new recipes, having also trained as a naturopathic nutritional therapist.  She enjoys being outdoors, hiking, and curling up with an inspirational book whenever she has the time.  


Kalaikshiga, Instructor

Kalaikshiga is currently studying towards her degree in Medicine at Imperial College London. Prior to this she studied at Wallington High school for girls and achieved 3A*s at A Level in Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry. Kalaikshiga has a passion for maths and teaching, and has always wanted to help people achieve their best potential and show how maths is fun. Having tutored maths for two years in the past, Kalaikshiga wishes to continue this. Each student is different, and she believes the Mathnasium method is the most effective in supporting students of any calibre. 

In the future, she wishes to use knowledge and experience she gains from working in Mathnasium to support her desire to provide education to children in less privileged countries. In Kalaikshiga’s spare time, she loves watching footbal and exploring her culture through cooking, movies and religion.


Ollie, Instructor

Ollie is currently on his gap year after which he intends to study natural sciences at university. After university he hopes to embark in to the world of scientific research and hopefully go into a field of work where he can apply it. Before working as a maths instructor Ollie was a tennis coach where he taught people of all ages from 5 to older than him. From time to time he enjoys playing tennis himself and competing in doubles tournaments with a friend.

At school he greatly enjoyed studying maths and further maths to A-Level and being introduced to novel and exciting topics like complex numbers and differential equations. Ollie has always believed in the importance in Maths as a subject that pops up in many aspects of life and loves to help others discover it. 


Afiyah, Instructor

Afiyah is an instructor at Mathnasium of Wimbledon.  She recently graduated with a degree in Mathematics from Kings College London.  Prior to starting at Mathnasium, Afiyah worked as private tutor, teaching mathematics to students of various ages.  Coming from an analytical background Afiyah is very passionate about maths and wants to help children recognise and achieve their fullest potential.  She believes that everyone can understand Maths if its taught the right way and Mathnasium ways can make that possible.  Mathnasium methods really focus on the foundations of Maths by explaining it in the most effective and efficient way and that’s something that directly aligns with Afiyah‘s beliefs.

Afiyah really enjoys travelling and so far she’s been to 20 different countries. She also loves cricket and was part of a team for four years. One of her passions is food, she loves to try out different cuisines and her favourite cuisine at the moment is Turkish.