April/May 2014 Math Muscle Challenge!

By Mathnasium | Added Apr 22, 2014

Can you solve this month's Math Muscle Challenge?

Grades 1 - 5: A recycling center pays $1.90 for every pound of aluminum recycled and 90 cents for every pound of plastic recycled. Anthony collected 10 1/2 pounds of plastic bottles and 13 pounds of aluminum cans. If he turns the bottles and cans in to the recycling center, how much money will Anthony get?

Grades 6 and up: The volume of a cube is 8 in3. Amy created a new cube by quadrupling the length of each side of the original cube. How many times larger is the volume of the new cube than the volume of the original cube?

Answers to Last Month's Math Muscle Challenge:

Grades 1 - 5: 3 miles.
Grades 6 and up: 60 regular subs