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Our Team

Our specially trained maths instructors will teach your child how to understand maths in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps children thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team:

Crouch End, Centre Director & Owner

Mr Martin Heaton Cooper

After 30 years in Broadcasting, Advertising & Media culminating in Martin running Discovery Communications UK & Ireland as their Chief Operating Office, he decided to change direction.

Martin has always been a strong believer in the importance of maths in all walks of life, so it is perhaps not surprising that his roles in media have always required a good understanding of numbers.

Martin has lived in North London for the past 25 years & has two young children with his wife Kate who is a coach, tutor, and RADA trained actor.


Milly, Assistant Manager

Milly studied animal science and worked as a vet nurse for 2 years, but she has always loved maths and thinks that it is the foundation of all knowledge and all life. In her spare time she plays the piano, paints, and reads books about maths & mathematicians through the ages.


Before working at Mathnasium, Milly spent a year in South Africa caring for injured wildlife, but eventually wanted a more challenging and mentally stimulating occupation. She finds teaching children really rewarding and loves to see them developing a true understanding & enjoyment of maths.


Alfie, Lead Instructor

Alfie is a recent Computer Science graduate who enjoys taking on new and interesting challenges. He has hopes of becoming a teacher one day as he finds it so rewarding to help children have fun while learning and would love to inspire another generation of mathematicians. In his free time, he is passionate about designing and creating video games and short films and believes that developing problem-solving skills is important no matter what you want to do in the future. Come in and ask him about what he’s been working on recently.


Alizay, Lead Instructor

Alizay is studying Psychology at the University of Warwick. She loved studying maths at A Level because she really enjoyed trying to overcome difficult challenges and expanding her knowledge. After university she hopes to go into teaching or working with children as its most rewarding to see how they have an understanding in different subjects.

Recently Alizay picked up baking in her free time. Experimenting with different recipes and finding ways to perfect them is what she likes to do. She also has an interest in learning different languages such as Urdu, Spanish and Chinese. Come on in to ask her to teach you how to bake and a couple of phrases in one of the many languages she likes.


Barnaby, Instructor

Barnaby graduated sixth form recently. He believes maths can be used to solve many of the worlds problems.  He studied Maths and Further Maths at A-Level and hopes to pursue a degree in Economics at University.  In his free time he takes part in his school’s Maths Society and has recently won in the IEA Budget Challenge.  He also enjoys cycling and running in his free time.  Come in and ask him about his recent Economics competition first place win.


Henry, Instructor


As well as having a degree in physics, Henry is a trained actor who loves theatre and story telling. He has worked as a private tutor for two years, and is absolutely passionate about teaching maths. He believes the key to a student's progress is by helping them find joy in the subject and inspiring a curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning.

Henry is a keen pool player, having captained his university team for two seasons. He also enjoys running, and is trying to learn how to play the piano.


 Lara, Instructor


Lara studied Maths, Physics and Chemistry at A-Level and enjoyed supporting with her peers maths lessons at school. She is currently pursuing a degree in Architectural / Civil Engineering at University.  She enjoys helping students gain an understanding of maths and finds it rewarding to watch students overcome difficulties with problem solving.  In her free time she plays tennis and football and enjoys going to watch live matches. 

Come in to ask her about how maths is integrated into all parts of life!


Josh, Instructor

Josh is studying Maths at A Level because he likes solving problems and puzzles, so he loves to help children get a lot out of the subject. He is also studying economics and history at A Level and plans to carry on with economics at university.


Away from his maths textbooks he plays the piano and spends his Sunday mornings on the football pitch. On his holidays he also likes to be active, whether snorkelling or hiking.


Luca, Instructor

Luca has a keen eye for tying maths into any problem.  He studied Maths and Further Maths at A-level and is now studying maths at university.  In his free time, Luca loves to lift weights and keep fit.  He has previously lived in Washington D.C. for 7 years.  Come in and ask him about his absurdly large collection of sneakers.


Theo, Instructor

Theo is currently studying Mathematics at University College London. Having studies Maths all through school, sixth form and now university, he believes it is the most important subject to master as it plays such an important role in everyday life. He enjoys seeing students improve their maths skills as he knows how much it will benefit them academically and generally as they progress through school and life.

In his spare time away from studying, Theo loves staying active. He’ll either be found playing football, doing some sort of combat sport or just walking the dog.


Hebe, Instructor 

Hebe is currently studying for a degree in Contemporary Dance. Having taken maths and further maths at A-Level, she found she missed working with maths. Hebe enjoys finding connections between dance and maths particularly in relation to patterns and problem solving. Hebe finds working with children very rewarding and enjoys helping them to build confidence in their maths skills.


Outside of maths and dance Hebe has a keen interest in live music, playing tennis and reading.


Sumaya, Instructor 

Sumaya is currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science at A-Level, intending to pursue a degree in Mathematics at university. She is intrigued by the numerous ways in which maths can be applied to the real world and would like to unlock that for other students. Sumaya has been a maths tutor for 3 years and enjoys seeing students develop confidence and find a passion for maths.


Sumaya is also a member of her school's programming society where she collaborates on projects and takes part in coding challenges!



 Megan, Instructor


Megan completed sixth form recently where she studied Maths and Further maths. She plans to study Physics at university which will allow her to keep maths very present in her life. She loves working at Mathnasium and loves the approach it takes in promoting deep understanding and enjoyment of maths instead of rote learning. Helping children with problems and seeing them improve is a rare gift which is very rewarding.

In her free time Megan enjoys playing tennis and practising jazz on her saxophone!


Lizzie, Instructor

Lizzie is about to start her A-Levels - Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science and Physics. Lizzie loves the challenge of problem solving and successfully competes in programming competitions & maths Olympiads. One day she hopes to represent the UK in the International Maths Olympiad!

Besides her interest in mathematics and programming, Lizzie loves music and sports. She plays piano, flute, and saxophone, and is a competitive swimmer and rower. Working at Mathnasium is a dream job for Lizzie as she can share her passion for the subject with children. Seeing their enthusiasm and understanding is the best reward for her work.