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News from Mathnasium of Radlett

Problems of the Week 13th August

Aug 13, 2017

Get your kids in the World Athletics spirit by giving their brains a workout with our #problemsoftheweek! Years 1 and 2: Beth can jump 2m. The world record for long jump is around 18m. How many jumps would she have to do to beat the world recor...

Word Problem Wednesday 9th of August

Aug 9, 2017

Emily made 640 sausage rolls for a friend's party. Unfortunately her dog Charlie ate 3/8 of them when she wasn't looking (and felt very ill afterwards). How many sausage rolls did Emily have left?   If you have a cheeky dog, comment below! ...

Problems of the Week 6th August

Aug 6, 2017

Beat that boring Sunday afternoon feeling by having your kids have a go at our board game themed #problemsoftheweek! Years 1 and 2: There is one blue hippo, one yellow hippo, one pink hippo and one green hippo in a Hungry Hippos game. How many ...

Problems of the Week 31st July

Jul 31, 2017

See if your kids can answer our robot themed #problemsoftheweek:   Years 1 and 2: Becky has 7 robots, Dan has 3. How many robots do they have altogether?   Years 3 and 4: One robot can lift and carry 900 pounds. A sec...

A Brighter Summer Ahead (hopefully with less rain!)

Jul 24, 2017

Make sure you don't miss out on our summer special: a free assessment AND a free trial. The free assessment will help us gauge what level your child is at, and we can point you in the direction of any gaps and how we can help. The free session ...

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