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Problems of the Week 20th November

Nov 21, 2017

Hungry for knowledge? Get your kids to have a go at our food themed #problemsoftheweek: Years 1 & 2: Olivia’s mum baked 3 brownies, 4 muffins and 2 cookies. What is the total amount of food she made? Years 3 & 4: Nicholas is folding square n...

Problems of the Week 14th November

Nov 14, 2017

See if your lost boys and girls can answer our Peter Pan themed #problemsoftheweek: Years 1 – 2: If Peter Pan can only fly for one hour each day, how many days will it take him to fly a journey that takes 6 hours? Years 3 – 4: John is older ...

Problems of the Week 31st October

Oct 31, 2017

Give your kids a treat on the spookiest day of the year by challenging them with our #problemsoftheweek:   Years 1 and 2: Bill’s bags hold 5 books. Ben can fit twice as many in his bag. How many books can they carry altogether? ...

Problems of the Week 22nd of October

Oct 23, 2017

Can you answer our #problemsoftheweek? Yrs 1-2: Will has four rabbits, two ferrets, one duck, three dogs and one horse. How many pets does he have? Yrs 3-4: Jack is sitting in a swivel chair facing north. He spins a half turn clockwise, then...

Problems of the Week 15th October

Oct 15, 2017

Get your kids ready for the week ahead with our #problemsoftheweek:   Years 1 and 2: Zoe has 3 chocolates. Katie has 10 more. How many chocolates does Katie have?   Years 3 and 4: What time is it if the minute hand of...

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